Common Sushi Cooking Mistakes

Cooking sushi in a consistent way is an art form. And it’s one that takes many years to perfect. Although it’s worth the effort, it’s worth keeping in mind that making mistakes is a part of the journey. But there are certain mistakes that are worth avoiding right from the start.

These are mistakes that will drastically alter the outcome of the sushi. And considering the cost of foreign ingredients, it’s a good idea to make sushi well right from the start. So, keep reading to find out which mistakes are common among beginners. As well as the best ways of avoiding making these same mistakes.

Not All Fish Is Equal

This is an extremely common belief among beginners, and it’s regarding the quality of the fish. Because raw fish is the main ingredient for sushi, many believe that any fish will do. But not only is this wrong, but it is also dangerous. Which is why it’s important to use the right fish when cooking sushi.

In fact, the shops will label the right fish for the job, and this is known as sushi-grade fish. This kind of fish only comes from certain parts of the world. And it will ensure that there are no known parasites within the fish. For this reason, it’s always recommended to buy fish that is graded for sushi.

Cooking The Rice Incorrectly

It’s easy to dismiss the rice as unimportant. But rice is a vital component of any sushi dish. Which is why it’s important to cook the rice in the correct way. There are lots of methods of doing this. For those new to sushi, using a rice cooker is recommended.

There are lots of benefits to a rice cooker. Not only do they cook the rice properly, but the process is automatic. This means that the chef can prefer other food. Or watch a TV series. Or play a few video games or online pokies to pass the time. Once the rice is ready, it will be perfect for sushi.

Cooking sushi rice in a pot will also work. But keep in mind that it takes a lot more knowledge about the rice. If not prepared properly, the rice will ruin the rest of the sushi.

Too Much Flavour

This is the least serious offence while eating sushi. But it can ruin a perfectly good piece of fish. And this is because wasabi is a potent and extremely spicy condiment. And it does not take very much to overwhelm the flavour of a dish.

Sushi is meant to be a subtle but delicious dish. Which means that it does not need too many different flavours. Rather, stick with the common sushi sides and condiments. Wasabi and ginger are the two most well-known. Along with a variety of soy sauce. Always try and aim for sushi ingredients that are specifically focused on flavouring sushi dishes.