The Best Places In NYC To Have Sushi

There are few better places in the world to get a taste of a range of different cultures than New York City. This bustling, multicultural urban hub is perfect for anyone with a passion for trying exotic foods from across the globe without having to jump on a plane and fly to the country in question.

When it comes to sushi, both NYC locals and visitors are truly spoiled for choice. In fact, New York City is home to some of the highest rated sushi restaurants in the world, as we will see here.

Sushi 35 West

Run by Jacky Ye and Kevin Chen – both who worked at a number of the best sushi eateries in NYC – Sushi 35 West is a new joint that can be found in midtown. Compared to a lot of restaurants in the area, it might not be that fancy, but anyone who’s actually eaten here will attest to how unique and delectable the food is. It’s not the cheapest sushi restaurant in NYC, but the extra cost comes with the assurance of extremely high quality and fresh food.

Nami Nori

The creators of Nami Nori once ran a number of fine dining eateries throughout the city, and one would expect that their venture into the land of quality sushi would generally be too expensive for most people to afford. Surprisingly, however, Nami Nori offers a reasonable menu while maintaining a high degree of freshness and quality. They also have an appealing selection of alcohols, including wine, beer, sake, as well as cocktails, all set in a modern but comfortable space.

Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi Nakazawa is run by the famous Daisuke Nakazawa, who was an apprentice to Jiro Ono, the most well-known and talented sushi chef of all time. Nakazawa would take all he learnt and opened by his own eatery in the West Village using his own name.

But it’s considered by many to be the very best sushi restaurant in the entirety of the city, but this kind of reputation and quality comes at a big asking price. So, it’s important to have plenty of cash available when visiting Sushi Nakazawa, although even a few rounds of Canada casino online games is usually more than enough.


Another expensive option but so worth the asking price, Shuko is run by Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau, and has earned a reputation for itself as a must-visit sushi joint; one of the very best that NYC has to offer. The 20-seat counter is well-known for serving excellent Spanish mackerel as well as marbled toro, and the chef’s selection comes at a $220 with an option pairing with a beverage at $125.

Sushi Noz

Sushi Noz is among the most expensive sushi restaurants in NYC, but that price tag guarantees almost unparalleled freshness, quality, and technique. Visitors can expect to pay up to $400 for a 5-plate selection, although it’s possible to instead spend time in the Ash Room that comes with a much more affordable option.