Vegan Sushi–Its Heaven And Its Good For You

So vegetarian sushi is a thing – who can resist a combination of only the freshest and most colourful of veggies all wrapped up in a combined heavenly parcel, after all? But there’s another option and it makes vegetarian sushi look like sushi-beta: vegan sushi. This is sheer perfection rolled into a single mouth-watering culinary explosion of the senses. When prepared correctly, its tasty, nutritious and perfect for breakfast, brunch or dinner – or even just as a healthy mid-day snack perfect for shaking off the old afternoon lag.

But perhaps best of all is that when it comes to vegan sushi, the flavour possibilities are endless. Playing around with various taste-combinations is great fun and even when you’re not in the mood to roll your own sushi, there’s always the perfect sushi bowl to fall back on.

There are literally millions of quick-and-easy recipes and ideas out there – these are just a handful of our favourites to get you started.

Coconut Tempura & Tofu

This has got to be one of our all-time favourites. The idea that we have chosen is served with quinoa rice and makes for a truly special lunch- or dinner-time treat. Since quinoa is pretty basic stuff and can generally be bought pretty much just-add-water style, we’ll launch right into the ingredients going into the tofu, as this provides a good idea of what the dish is all about.

The basic ingredients are firm tofu, flour, carbonated water, some cornstarch for dusting, a few tablespoons of unsweetened and shaved coconut and some panko breadcrumbs. The tofu, once dipped in the coconut batter, is deep-friend until golden brown. Simply delicious. Be sure to check out any of the tens of recipes for coconut tempura & tofu available online.

Eggplant Sushi

The idea of eggplant-turned-sushi in all of its glorious variations is simply mouth-watering. The Greeks work pure magic with eggplants, but its sometimes nice to try a completely different approach. And since eggplants have their origins in Asia (not in Greece!) its not at all difficult to put a creatively-sushi spin on these delectable and nutritious veggies.

There are of course hundreds of different ways in which to prepare eggplants. What works really well for the purposes of creating the perfect vegan sushi is to bring out the flavour somewhat by grilling the eggplant until charred. Once cooked through and charred, simply dip into a sesame seed marinade and enjoy with some colourful and crunchy raw veggies.

Vegan Pink Sushi

This one is for when you’re really in the mood to give something completely different a try, maybe while playing at Spin Casino NZ or entertaining your friends. Awesome too is that this one is particularly friendly on the budget. The “pink” is of course the rice and the colour is got from adding a swipe of beet powder. The sliced veggies that make up this wonderful pink sushi masterpiece are avocado, carrot, cucumber and black sesame seeds. Served with wasabi, sushi ginger and soy sauce, this one’s enough to lure anyone back for a second or even third helping.