The Different Ways To Explore Salmon In Sushi

Without a doubt, when people say the word ‘sushi’ there is one type of fish that easily comes to mind – salmon. Although sushi is made with several other types of fish – such as tuna, crab sticks and (for the more adventurous) eel – salmon is the star of the show in any self-respecting sushi chef’s kitchen.

There are some ways that the discerning connoisseur can enjoy salmon when they decide to go to their favourite sushi restaurant or decide to order in. Here are some of them.


The one thing about salmon is its amazing flavour. The higher the fat content of the fish, the more powerful the flavour is. The cold water salmons – such as the Atlantic Salmon – are higher in fat. Sushi chefs often use Norwegian or Scottish Salmon.

If you want to experience the unadulterated pleasure of salmon, then you should try a couple of pieces of salmon sashimi. Its rich texture and explode-in-your-mouth flavour will leave you wanting more.

Salmon California Rolls

If you’re a rice fan, you may want to try salmon in a California roll. These have salmon in the centre – usually together with avocado – which is surrounded by seaweed. This type of edible seaweed is called nori. In Japan, many types of seaweed are available, but nori is the most famous export.

This is encircled by tightly-packed sushi rice so that when you pop it into your soy sauce, the rice won’t fall off. But remember to dip the roll and not marinate it because if you leave it to stew even the most well-made of California rolls will disintegrate!

Salmon Handroll

If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, you should try a salmon handroll. A cone-like shape is made of nori and in it are pieces of salmon and cucumber, wrapped in sushi rice. This delectable concoction is mixed in with mayonnaise and this brings the whole dish together.

If you’re on a low-carb, high-fat diet, this type of sushi is not for you as there is more rice than salmon here. Rather go for the sashimi, which is high in protein as well as omega-three fatty acids which are good for your heart as well as your nervous system.

Quite a lot of sushi restaurants these days have started to experiment with the way that they prepare the salmon that they include in their various pieces. Some sear the salmon, which gives a good alternative for people who love sushi but don’t like raw fish. Other chefs fry the skin of the salmon so that it becomes quite crispy and they pack this into their sushi. In terms of flavours, this packs a punch as the crunchiness of the salmon skin contrasts well with the softness of the rice.

In the sushi world, there is a lot of innovation with non-traditional ingredients – such as chicken and even fruit – being put into dishes. There’s a lot to choose from in terms of variety to keep your tastebuds interested!