A Whole New Take On Sushi

These foods aren’t anywhere in the realm of tradition – but that doesn’t mean that they’re not utterly scrumptious. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or just a gastronomic adventurer, why not give these sushi-inspired morsels a try.

Sushi burrito

In the truest tradition of Frankenfood, the sushi burrito is a mash up between – you guessed it – sushi, and a burrito. This marvellous mix of Asian and Latino fare has taken the street food world by storm and has been spotted across the globe from LA to New York, Dubai, Singapore and even South Africa.

This healthy and delicious treat is made much like an uncut sushi roll – with your fish or protein of choice at the centre, along with veg or other fillings, and surrounded by rice and nori. Not only is it delicious, but it’s surprisingly filling too!

Candy California rolls

Love sushi, but got a sweet tooth too? Then this delicious dessert is for you! Inspired by the way sushi looks, clever kitchen dabblers have crafted sweet treats out of rice krispie treat mix (puffed rice, and a mixture of molten marshmallows and butter) and gummy candies. Fashion the puffed rice into your little rolls or nigiri and use the candy as a substitute for nori and fillings. Get the kids involved in making these for a fun family afternoon.

Sushi bowls

Also known as poke bowls, a sushi bowl is essentially a delectable portion of deconstructed sushi. Start with a base of sushi rice, add in your thinly sliced carrot, cucumber and avocado, and of course your choice of fish or prawns. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add ingredients like mango, radish or cashew nuts for a little crunchy surprise. Channel your inner artist as you arrange the food in the bowl, to create a rainbow of deliciousness. Top with a sauce of your choice (sriracha mayo anyone?) and dig in!

Greek sushi

Greek sushi makes use of your favourite Mediterranean ingredients to construct little rolls. It might look a bit like sushi, but it’s a whole different taste. To make your own, gather ingredients like hummus, feta, chopped olives, cherry tomatoes and dill, and roll them into large, thin slices of cucumber. These will be a total winner the next time you’re on appetizer duty or need a snack while playing the online Roulette NZ has to offer.

Banana sushi

A sweet and delicious treat the whole family will love – and it’s so easy to whip up! Simply chop up a banana into sushi slices, and place on a platter. Melt up some peanut butter, and drizzle it over the banana, then add chopped strawberries, chocolate chips and crushed cookies. Serve with chopsticks and enjoy!

Sushi nachos

It might sound crazy, but it totally works! To make your nacho chips, cut some eggroll wrappers into wedge shapes, and quickly deep-fry them. Construct your toppings out of crab meat or prawns mixed with mayonnaise, lime juice and sriracha sauce. Garnish with avocado slices, chopped green onion and sesame seeds. A meal you won’t soon forget!