Sushi Variations Throughout The World

Sushi is a popular dish that can be found in most regions around the world, despite originating in Japan. It has undergone a number of transformations during its international travels.

Variations and alterations are present in any popular dish, and we have no are a number of great alternatives that carry the spirit of the dish but with unique spins that make it something completely different.

There’s a specific focus on how the dish has evolved and adapted to the palate of the region that it has found itself in, and it’s a nod to the ever-present ability of a chef to always make something new and exciting. Here we will list some of the most popular variations of sushi found around the globe.

The Sushirrito

In a unique mix of burrito and sushi, the dishes surprisingly complement each other quite well. With the ingredients of traditional sushi mixed with the convenience of a burrito, it makes sense that the two would ultimately team up, and it’s a variation that has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Starting out in the city of San Francisco, the Sushirrito is a combination of Asian and Latin foods, creating a large piece of sushi that can be picked up and eaten by hands. It’s enough to entice the interest of those that have a passion for the seafood dish, but don’t always want to sit down and eat it carefully with a set of chopsticks.


A more traditional dish that can be found in sushi’s homeland of Japan, chirashi is a bowl of food that makes use of conventional sushi ingredients and flavours. Here, the sushi is not wrapped up in seaweed, but rather the fillings are added to a bowl, alongside some kind of sticky brown or white rice, although sometimes the rice might be substituted for couscous. It’s often eaten as part of a larger meal and is commonly paired with green tea or miso soup.

Pasta Sushi

A fairly straightforward dish: here, a traditionally Italian pasta dish is used as the base for the meal, except that instead of normal pasta shells, white rice is used instead. Cooked or raw seafood is added, along with a mix of Italian and Japan seasoning to create a truly unique take on the meal.

It can be difficult to combine the two cuisines successfully, which is why it tends to be a dish that’s made by talented chefs, although it can also be made at home with some trial and error, and makes for a great dish to eat alongside a new TV show or the online slots Peru offers.

California Roll

Probably the most well-known variation of sushi in the world, the California roll is a favourite within the United States, and it continues to evolve as different chefs create their own takes on it. The difference between normal sushi and a California roll is that the latter is usually made inside out, and will also contain such ingredients as cucumber, crab, avocado, and other choices that aren’t typical in sushi.