The Most Common Types Of Sushi To Try

Over the years, sushi has grown to be regarded as one of the most popular food, with many countries and restaurants creating their own variations. With so many sushi options to choose from, it can be quite confusing to try them all. Below are some of the most common sushi that can be found worldwide and are delicious too.


Sashimi is basically thinly cut raw seafood slices. Looking at it can appear to be relatively easy to prepare because it’s just pieces of fish that are cut, however, the preparation of sashimi is deceptively hard. There is a technique that goes into ensuring the seafood is cut perfectly to ensure a smooth and melt in your mouth quality. Sashimi is regarded as the purest way of enjoying sushi as it is just raw seafood without any other added ingredients. Sashimi is best enjoyed on its own or with some soy sauce.


Nigiri is a type of sushi that is prepared by a portion of hand-pressed rice that’s topped with a single piece of a seafood. The star of the show with this type of sushi is the raw seafood, but the rice also plays a vital role as it is added to complement the flavours and bring about a depth in taste and texture. Some popular toppings for Nigiri are a medium fatty tuna known as chutoro, fatty tuna known as otoro, unagi which is eel and eggs.


Maki is one of the most well-known traditional forms of sushi. This type of sushi is made with sheets of seaweed known as nori on the outside. The nori is wrapped around the sushi rice and its fillings to contain all these ingredients. Maki sushi has numerous varieties, you can find ones that are raw or cooked, to others which are vegetarian and vegan friendly too. Ingredients used also range from minimal to the more complex options such as adding fried shrimp along with some sauces to enhance the sushi’s visual appeal.


Urumaki and maki are quite similar types of sushi, what mainly differentiates these two sushi from one another is the composition. Urumaki is a sushi roll that is prepared inside-out where the rice is rolled from the outside with the sheet of nori and the sushi fillings found in the inside. Like maki, urumaki is considered as a traditional form of sushi and thus one of the most popular. This type of sushi also comes in many varieties that any sushi lover will enjoy.


Temaki is a unique type of sushi because most sushi is recommended to be eaten using chopsticks, but temaki is different as it’s meant to be enjoyed using your hands so you can easily snack on it while playing at Pakistan casino sites. Temaki is a conical type of sushi where the rice and the fillings are rolled into a cone shape using nori sheets. Temaki is customisable and considered as a creative form of sushi because of how its served and the many ingredients that are found inside them. You can expect to receive temaki in a neat cone-shaped package that is either severed on a plate or is inserted into a cup.