Great Tips For Making Sushi At Home

When we go out to a proper sushi restaurant, the chances are most of the dishes on the menu will be prepared and cooked by a chef that has spent years of their life learning how to make the perfect sushi.

This is easy to tell, as there’s a vast difference in taste and texture of the dishes when compared to the pre-packed sushi that can often be found at supermarkets.

Not everyone has the time or money to learn to become a sushi chef, so the next best option is to learn some simple tips and tricks for making sushi at home that much better. Keep reading to learn how to implement many of these tips in the home kitchen.

Rolling Properly

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of making good sushi is getting the roll just right. This means creating a tightly compacted roll that keeps all of its ingredients in a single place, even while it’s being eaten, rather than having them spill out.

The only way to do this is by practise, and fortunately there are plenty of videos and other sources that can teach this skill for a beginner. First attempts will not go that well, but the only way to master the skill is by making important mistakes and then learning from them. It’s important not to feel discourage when things don’t turn out well at first, as it won’t take that long before the rolling process is that much easier.

Cooking Rice

There are a lot of traditional methods of cooking sushi rice, and they’re designed to cook the rice in a specific way. It needs to be light, fluffy, but also sticky enough to be a binding agent in the roll. Some might be surprised to learn, then, that a lot of chefs actually rely on a rice cooker rather than using the more traditional ways, which can sometimes be quite tedious.

Rice cookers are relatively inexpensive, and they can produce rice with the perfect mix of fluffiness and stickiness, while also giving the chef some extra time to relax with a glass of wine or a few rounds of online casino Sri Lanka games. They’ve become extremely popular in countries where rice is very much a common staple, so there’s nothing wrong with having one in the kitchen.

The Right Knife

Sushi is a fairly refined dish that requires a certain degree of precision, which means that having a sharp knife is an absolute must. On top of that, keeping the blade wet can be extremely helpful when cutting the maki, allowing for a much cleaner cut that doesn’t cause the roll to be crushed.

Not only that, but a sharp knife makes it that much easier to slice through the other ingredients, like the fish being used, which allows for more compact rolls in general.

Buy Sushi Grade Fish

Most seafood needs to be cooked before eaten, but when making sushi, raw seafood is better.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to always focus on buying sushi-grade seafood from the local market, which guarantees that it’s right for sushi and won’t have the dangerous parasites or other disease that can often be found in raw seafood.