The Best Alcoholic Drinks to Pair with Sushi

Sushi is the perfect meal. It’s light, it’s filling, and it’s as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. Of course, when you go out for a stylish sushi dinner you would probably also order a drink or two – but which drinks go best with sushi to begin with?

Many people think that green tea is the best option, but if you’d prefer an alcoholic beverage, we have you covered.

Pairing drinks with sushi has a lot to do with the flavours of the particular sushi you have chosen to eat. Like playing at online betting NZ sites, you need to have done your homework in order to enjoy a great result. You need to take into account the sweetness of the rice, the savoury flavours of the raw fish, the spiciness of the wasabi and even the salty, umami taste of the soy sauce. Read on to find out which drinks pair best with this delectable Japanese dish.

#1: Crisp White Wines

Crisp white wines like Japanese Koshu are a perfect match for sushi dinners. This particular wine is made from the Japanese Koshu grape; a specific variety cultivated and harvested only in Asia. The crispness and fruitiness of wines like Koshu help to bring out the flavours of your meal without being overbearing. If you can’t find Koshu, some other options to try include Chablis, Gavi, Pinot Grigio, Gruner Vetliner or Muscadel.

#2: Champagnes and Prosecco

Champagne and its Italian cousin Prosecco are both wonderful matches for sushi. Try a dry sparkling wine if you prefer your beverages on the drier side, or opt for Prosecco or a sweeter champagne after your meal for a dessert-like finish.

#3: Sake

You might think that it’s traditional to drink Japanese Sake with sushi, but the Japanese people actually do not drink Sake along with rice dishes in most cases. However, this drink still makes an awesome pairing with sushi, especially when served chilled. Fino sherry is also a great alternative.

#4: Dry Riesling

Imagine pairing a German-Austrian alcoholic drink with a Japanese dinner! If you’d like a multicultural dining experience, a fruity Riesling makes a beautiful accompaniment to both fish and vegetable sushi dishes. It also enhances the flavour of salmon roe very well.

#5: Oaked Portuguese White Wine

The oaky, wooden finish of oaked Portuguese white wine pairs stunningly with the stronger flavours of contemporary sushi dishes. This is especially true for any meals involving sesame oil.

#6: Red Burgundy Wines

Red Burgundy wines on the younger side might not seem like an obvious choice, but some Japanese sommeliers recommend them nonetheless. If you are a red wine lover, this is definitely a pairing to try.

#7: Japanese Beers

Japanese beers are milder and less punchy than traditional brews, which makes them perfect for pairing with sushi. The mild hoppy flavours therein do not compete with the delicate notes of the sushi, but enhance it for a lovely balance of umami and freshness.