The World’s Top Sushi Chefs

For most people, buying sushi at the local seafood restaurant or sushi bar is usually more than enough to satisfy their cravings for the delicious dish. But for many others, sushi is meant to be a truly special meal that should only be prepared by chefs that have spent decades of their lives honing and perfecting their skills. These are chefs whose culinary prowess has earned them a reputation in the world of cooking as masters of creating the finest sushi that money can buy, with many of them offering their talents to the world’s rich and famous.

  1. Eki Ichimura

As one of the world’s foremost sushi chefs, Chef Ichimura has more than 40 years of cooking experience under his belt. Having been trained in Tokyo, he ran a sushi bar called Ichimura that could be found in the Upper East Side of New York City, before he moved the restaurant to Brushstroke. Much of what he focuses on includes nigiri and sashimi, and usually spends a number of days preparing for special tasting events.

  1. Jiro Ono

Considered by many of his peers as one of the greatest sushi chefs in the world, Jiro Ono owns and runs Sukiyabashi Jiro, a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, which was awarded 3 Michelin stars a number of years ago. He has served a number of prominent people, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as well as President Barack Obama, whom he served in 2014. With over 65 years of experience to his name, he is known for his perfectionism, spending countless hours ensuring that every piece of a sushi dish is prepared to perfection, no matter the cost or time spent.

  1. Masaaki Koyama

As one of the best chefs in Australia, Masaaki Koyama made a name for himself after he opened his famous sushi bar in Tasmania. Located on the coast and famed for its good food, it’s the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a bit of the eSports betting Australia has to offer while snacking on his creations. His sushi bar, Masaaki’s, is so popular that it usually sells out whenever it opens, which is around twice a week.

  1. Mitsuhiro Araki

Chef Araki is considered as the top sushi chef within Europe at the moment, and currently lives in London where he owns a restaurant by the name of Araki sushi-ya. Before moving to the UK, he was a 3 Michelin star-awarded chef that lived in Tokyo, where he gained fame for his precision cooking skills and his ability to develop deep flavours in his dishes.

  1. Yoshiharu Kakinuma

Currently the head chef at Sushi Sikon in Hong Kong, Kakinuma hails from a long line of famous sushi chefs. He trained as an apprentice under the guidance of master sushi chef Mr Yoshitake, after which he learnt English and move to New York City. He took over his current role in 2012, and has since worked tirelessly to provide top-quality dishes to all customers. He flies in all of his fresh ingredients every day from Tokyo to ensure that his sushi is always up to standard.