The Best Sushi Restaurants in the World

Sushi is incredibly addictive, wonderfully artistic, and gives us a delicious gustatory glimpse into Japanese culture.

The finest sushi restaurants in the world may prompt the question of why we pay so much for bites of raw fish, but you’ll think differently after you’ve experienced them! Sushi masters know how to turn each morsel into a riot of colour, taste, and texture.


Isami Zushi in Paris, France

One of the best sushi restaurants in the world is tucked away on the banks of Paris’ River Seine near the Ile Saint Louis. The small dining room is simply decorated but for the rows of Japanese pottery stacked behind the bar like books in a vast library, and the Itamae works frenziedly in front of these.

You’ll see him gut the fish with an expert hand and rolling the sticky rice and other ingredients in his palm with remarkable precision. He seems to be constantly moving, endlessly repeating his actions in pursuit of the perfectly-prepared dish.

Jewel Bako in New York, USA

Jewel Bako is as well-known for its unique design as pokies are when it comes to online betting in New Zealand! Conceived by Hiromi Tsuruta, an architect from Japan, there are only 31 seats available at this restaurant, but it never feels claustrophobic.

Instead, the curved bamboo slats that make it feel like a tunnel create a cosy setting, and we highly recommend you try the extensive list of saké.

Kiku in London, England

Critics agree that Kiku is as close that Londoners can get to having a Tokyo culinary experience without leaving the city.

The dishes are prepared by the Itamae in front of diners and prepared to serve, using only the finest seasonal ingredients. Food flavours are highlighted with the aromas of saké and plum wine.

Matsuhisa in Los Angeles, USA

Considered to be the best-known Japanese restaurant chain in the world, Matsuhisa is one of the 39 restaurants and eight luxury hotels spanning five continents owned by Meir Teper, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, and Robert de Niro.

It’s famous for the traditional dishes it serves up which combine Japanese sauces and spices with locally-grown food.

The house saké is the Nobu brand, and we recommend getting a big bottle of Onigoroshi saké for your table to go with your yellowtail and jalapeño.

Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, Japan

Sukiyabashi Jiro is widely considered to be the top sushi restaurants in the world, and its so-far earned 3 Michelin stars. It has just one menu, Omakase Course, and the fish used for this menu is purchased at the Tsukiji Fish Market each morning, so the dishes on it depend on what ingredients are available.

Jiro Ono is the chef and owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro and the order of dishes is decided by the 94-year old master, so you’ll be tasting the best of authentic sushi in the best order.

This restaurant is so popular that there’s a full-length documentary about the chef available called Jiro Dreams of Sushi.