How To Choose A Sushi Restaurant

Anyone that has a passion for eating sushi and does it on a regular basis will know that not every sushi restaurant is the same.

In fact, there’s quite a broad spectrum when it comes to quality sushi, and it’s very easy to go into a new eatery expecting it to have great food, only to leave feeling unsatisfied and with a much lighter wallet.

Choosing a new, quality sushi restaurant is something of a skill of its own, but it’s usually worth keeping an eye out for certain traits that only good sushi places possess. With that in mind, we will discuss what to look out for when choosing a new sushi restaurant to give a try.

The Experience Of The Chef

Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to the overall success of a sushi restaurant is how experienced and talented the chef is. At the end of the day, there’s a huge difference between a well-trained sushi chef and the worker who puts together cheap sushi rolls at the local supermarket.

It might take a bit of digging, but it’s usually worth taking the time to learn the name of the head chef that works at a sushi restaurant and seeing if it’s possible to learn where they acquired their skills, where they trained, and how long they’ve been in the business for. Often enough, it’s as easy as asking management for the credentials of the chef, including which institutes they trained at.

The Local Reputation

Getting sushi wrong does not only mean a bad plate of food, but it can sometimes lead to illness, which is why it’s always worth checking out the reputation of a sushi place before going to eat there.

Online reviews are usually the first place to start, and it can give the diner an idea of what to expect, how much menu items cost, and whether previous customers were happy with their experiences at the venue.

Having this information can make it much easier to decide whether it’s worth going to the restaurant and sampling the food that they have on offer. Combine this information with the overall skills of the chef.

The Menu

Lastly, but just as important as the other two, is what the menu looks like. The menu is essentially a window to not just what kind of sushi is being offered, but also whether the prices match the skills and experience of the chef making the food, and whether it’s worth giving a skip to rather spend the evening enjoying the latest slots NZ has to offer.

Most places that have a good reputation will have their menu either online or available at the restaurant for a quick look over, and this creates the perfect opportunity for a sushi connoisseur to have a look at what’s available and whether it lives up to the reputation of the venue.

Of course, there will always be restaurants that serve substandard food at exorbitant prices, but this is why doing prior research is so important.