The Best Tools For Home-made Sushi

Sushi may seem like something of a complex dish, and its why so many people prefer to go out to their favourite restaurant to eat it rather than make it at home.

And while there is a little bit of truth to the complexity, especially when it comes to getting the rice just right, the real reason that it can be difficult to make it at home is due to a lack of proper tools.

There are specialised tools that can be brought home to make sushi creation that much easier.

These tools tend to be inexpensive but can turn any home chef into a sushi rolling master.

Rice Cooker

When it comes to making the perfect dish of sushi, most home cooks will get stuck on the rice. Anyone that’s eaten restaurant-made sushi will know how soft and sticky the rice is, and it’s something that can be extremely difficult to mimic at home without a rice cooker.

Rice cookers can cook rice in a variety of different ways, and many of them even come with settings to make rice that’s just perfect for sushi. It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone that eats rice on a regular basis.

The Right Cutting Board

Using a normal plastic or wood cutting board might seem like the best way to go, but most sushi chefs will rely on specific cutting boards when preparing the meal.

The reason for this is because most cutting boards tend to wear out a knife’s sharpness quickly, and having a sharp knife is essential to cutting ingredients quickly and efficiently and without any mistakes.

One brand that is extremely well known among chefs that prepare sushi is Asahi Rubber board, and while it does resemble wood at first appearance, it’s actually made out of a synthetic material that’s designed for continuous usage.

Not only is it softer than wood, but it’s able to retain the sharpness of a knife for longer, making it a great investment for long-term sushi eaters.

A Rolling Mat

When all the ingredients are cooked and ready, the next step is preparing them in a way that they can be rolled into a sushi roll. For many, this is often the most difficult part, and can take a lot of practice to get just right.

A rolling mat can make this process that much easier, however. These small mats are, made from either bamboo or plastic, are great for rolling up sushi quickly.

While bamboo is popular, many chefs prefer to opt for the plastic variants as these don’t tend to go bad as quickly, allowing them to last longer and leaving you more time to play now. They’re easy to find and their low asking price means that it’s possible to have more than one on hand.

No sushi lover that prepares their meals at home can hope to make restaurant-grade sushi without the assistance of a quality sushi mat at their disposal.