Ideas For Dessert Sushi

Ever heard of Frushi? Yes, it’s a made-up word combining fresh fruit and sushi. Then again, which word isn’t actually made up. Frushi just happens to be a fairly new invention – the name and the concept. It’s basically an idea for a new way to serve up dessert.

The beauty of dessert sushi is that it’s suitable for just about every food allergy, intolerance and preference. You can confidently serve it at any dinner part, even if you have guests who are vegans or gluten intolerant. The best part is, Frushi is delicious.

Start With Sushi Rice

You definitely need to get the right rice for this, otherwise your Frushi won’t work. Sushi rice has just the right texture and consistency once cooked and nothing else really compares. Rinse your rice in a strainer to remove any coatings before you cook it for 12-15 minutes in a pan. All the water should absorb into the rice, and it should be light and fluffy when you take it off the heat.

Just before you cool off your rice, add in a tin of coconut milk and mix it through thoroughly. This will add a sweet accent to the rice that pairs beautifully with the fruit you will add later. Finally, spread out your rice on a tray to let it cool completely.

Slice Up Your Fruit

Dried fruit rolls work really well to take the place of nori in sushi. You can slice them up into strips to place on top of nigiri style sushi or to roll around your sweet maki. Just make sure that the roll you use is fairly thin or it won’t be easy to slice up or eat.

You can also use fresh fruit cut into thin, pliable strips. Pretty much anything goes – bananas, strawberries, kiwis, apples, etc. You can also chop fresh fruit into strips or julienne pieces to go through the center of your wrapped up rolls. Blueberries and raspberries also make nice toppings or centers for your Frushi.

Get Ready To Enjoy

Once everything is assembled, it’s important to chill your Frushi. It should go into the fridge, wrapped in clingfilm for a few hours so that it is properly set before you try to slice up your rolls. Once chilled, use a sharp knife to carefully slice your rolls into bite-sized pieces. Be careful not to flatten or squish the Frushi in the process.

Of course, while the Frushi is setting in the fridge, you can take the time to relax and choose from awesome entertainment options, or you can prep some delicious dipping sauces. A great one is a coconut cream sauce because it will complement the coconut flavour coming from the rice. Just combine the cream with a bit of sugar and a touch of salt over a low heat. This will cool into a nice, thick sauce that tastes great. You could even drizzle some honey, syrup or juice from your fruit into it. A chocolate sauce is also a winner if you’re using sharper fruits like raspberries and strawberries.