The Best Countries Outside Of Japan To Eat Sushi

When we think of sushi, most of us will undoubtedly picture the country of Japan. It makes sense, as this is the region where the dish first originated, where it gained popularity, and the starting point of its status as a favourite for much of the world.

But Japan isn’t the only place that makes really good sushi; as the dish has spread across the globe, there have been a number of countries that have taken the original recipes and turned them into something special.

For those that don’t want to go to Japan for sushi, or wish to experience the dish while not having to fly around the planet, these are the best countries in the world to experience a great plate of sushi.


Singapore is a cultural melting pot of cuisine, and it’s possible to find just about any famous dish somewhere in the huge city. There are more than 35000 native Japanese living within Singapore, and many of them made sure to bring their traditions and foods with them when they left home and found a new place to settle.

Hashida Sushi is considered the very best joint in the area to find good sushi, which is open every day, but does require that visitors first make reservations before coming through.


It may not seem like the a good country to find sushi, but this South American region actually has a large Japanese population – in fact, it has the largest ethnic population of native Japanese people outside of Japan, meaning that it doesn’t take long for a person to find either a bar or restaurant that’s serving the dish.

One of the more famous joints in Brazil is called Sushi Isao, and it’s worth stopping by for anyone with a love of the dish.


Being so close to Japan, it makes sense that a country like Thailand would offer a wide range of sushi options, and while most people would usually visit Thailand for the Thai food, there are plenty of options available for the sushi and online betting lover at heart.

In terms of where the very best Japanese food can be found, most would probably recommend Sushi Masato, which can be found in the city of Bangkok. Bangkok is especially good for finding traditional Japanese cuisine, as the Japanese have been moving to the cities of Thailand for hundreds of years, dating as far back as the 16th century.


The United States of America is a country home to just about every type of cuisine under the sun. Not only is it famous for its mix of Italian, French, German, Greek, and other cuisines, but the Japanese have made a solid mark on the varieties of foods that are on offer.

It’s common to find sushi joints in most of the big cities that are dotted around the country, but either Los Angeles or New York City is where a visitor is most likely to find the best sushi on the market.