How To Throw A Great Sushi Party At Home

A sushi party involves inviting a group of friends over to enjoy a selection of different sushi dishes without the need to go out to a bar.

This has become exceedingly more popular in recent months as global lockdowns have meant that more restaurants and eateries have had to either close down temporarily or have limited seating space available.

Fortunately, throwing a great sushi party at home is not just doable, but can also be easy and fun.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare accordingly, and to make sure that all attending guests have one of the very best nights of their lives.

Make Sure The Rice Is Ready

Many feel that the rice used for any sushi dish is what really sets it apart, which is why it’s important to make sure that the rice is as perfect as it can be. Sushi rice can be tricky to get right at first, and it may require a few attempts to get it just perfect.

It’s important to make sure that the rice is ready well in advance to the guests arriving, so it can be a huge benefit to have it cooked and prepared around 4 hours before the start of the party.

Experimentation here is absolutely key: good sushi rice is not too dry or too moist but is sticky enough that it will easily hold together once it’s been integrated into a roll.

Choose The Ingredients

Rice is vital for any sushi, but when it comes to the other ingredients, creativity is key. Fish tends to be the most popular protein used in sushi, so taking the time to check out all the different kinds of fish at the local market can pay off.

Just about any kind of fish can be used, but it’s a good idea to only choose ones that can be safely eaten raw. Japanese salmon, for example, may seem tempting, but it’s well known for harbouring parasites and other diseases that can make the eater sick.

It doesn’t have to end with fish, though. For vegetarians or vegans, there is a wide variety of vegetables that make for a great addition to any sushi dish that would otherwise traditionally use fish, so make sure to keep an open mind when trying to keep all the guests happy, regardless of their dietary preferences.

Make The Sauces

Sushi is usually enjoyed with a variety of different sauces, although wasabi and soy sauce tend to be the most common. Soy sauce can be difficult to make at first as it takes at least half a year before it’s ready to be consumed.

Bowl of soy sauce with chopsticks on table

Wasabi is a different story, and while it’s very possible to get fresh wasabi, it can be a pain to work with, so it’s recommended to instead opt for wasabi powder, offering plenty of time to enjoy real money bingo in the interim. This can be mixed with water to create an instant wasabi sauce or paste, which can then be immediately served to guests as they arrive.