7 Hot Sushi Trends To Look Out Fore

Food trends come and go and of course, sushi isn’t immune to this either. We’ve come a long way from the humble California Roll, and these top trends are the ones making waves all over the globe.

Sushi Tacos

Talk about a cultural mish mash! Sushi tacos actually make a lot of sense, as you get fish tacos in Mexico, why no simply use raw fish instead? The added crunch is also awesome and a bit like tempura, and the addition of wasabi or mayo adds extra texture and a slight dash of moisture.

The best part about sushi tacos is that the combinations you can come up with are almost endless, and you can add just about anything to the mix, in any combination.

Sushi Donuts

No, not deep-fried sweet donuts, but donuts made of sushi rice, stuffed with fish and decorated with nori, cucumber, wasabi and mayo. Of course you could add tempura sushi to the donut to give it an authentically fried taste and texture.

Sushi Burgers

If you thought the California Roll was quintessentially American, then how about a sushi hamburger? The “patties” are made from sushi rice and the burger from fish and prawns and there are layers of wasabi, ginger and nori to make up the burger. They are easy to eat and the perfect snack when watching TV or enjoying a bit of online betting.

Poke Bowls

Poke bowls have been trending for a while now, and have become an Instagram favourite as they always look fantastic.

This raw fish salad has Hawaiian roots, but it has become a bit of a Japanese cross over and sushi lovers cant get enough of bowls filled with nori, sashimi, furikake, edamame beans and avo.

Fruit Sushi

Fruit sushi can either be made entirely from fruit and wrapped in rice or nori, or it may complement the fish and add sweetness.

Strawberry and mango are both popular additions, as is kiwi fruit, and in some cases the fruit is seared with a blowtorch, adding even more flavours to the dish.

Top sushi chefs have gotten very creative with fruit sushi recently and are even using hollowed out pineapples to serve sushi in, and creating incredible displays using the fruit and fish combos.

Low Carb Sushi

Sushi without rice may not sound like sushi, but there are actually loads of low carb options that can take its place, and are still supremely delicious.

If you are keen to go the low carb route you don’t have to stick to just eating sashimi, you’ll find substitutes like cucumber, bamboo, cauliflower rice and a whole lot of other menu options.

Sushi Cake

This is exactly what it sounds like, a whole cake made out of sushi! Sushi cakes are a great option for a party, but they may be a bit heavy on the rice, as this is what holds them all together.

If you want to try this trend in smaller portions, keep an eye out for sushi cupcakes as they have less rice!