Top Sushi Spots Outside Of Japan

When it comes to eating sushi, you can’t really beat a trip to Japan. It is after all the birth place of this popular food. However, there are a number of places all over the world where you can enjoy some amazing sushi, as well as some rather unusual sushi varieties.

This is partly in thanks to the global village that our world is becoming. Chefs and restauranteurs are getting inspiration from Japan and bringing their own spin to sushi in their home towns. Chefs from Japan are also traveling the world and putting down roots and spreading their knowledge of sushi in their new homes.


The city of Vancouver in Canada has become one of the leading sushi destinations outside of Japan. In fact, the city even has an artisan sake maker creating this authentic drink on Granville island. A large portion of the restaurants in Vancouver are great sushi places.

A big trend in Vancouver is for restaurants to offer Omakase tasting menus. This is when the chef creates dishes for each course based on the best ingredients available in the kitchen on that day.


In the 1950s, the German city of Dusseldorf saw a marked increase in Japanese companies opening their European officers here. This led to a big section of the city getting turned into what is now affectionately called Little Tokyo. Here, you can get a wide variety of Japanese cuisine from restaurants, cafes, shops and bakeries.

Many people actually travel from all over the world to experience Japanese culture in Germany. Some of the top sushi restaurants in the world or found on one of the cities high streets, Immermannstrasse.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is truly a unique place, a space where East and West are integrated in some exciting ways. It should be no surprise that sushi is incredibly popular here. it should also be no surprise that the city has produced some of the more unusual varieties of sushi in the world.

Shiro is the restaurant that people want to go to. The chefs here really push the boundaries of modern cuisine and have brought sushi to a whole new level, just like when you play Bingo games online. There crystal sushi looks and tastes like the sushi of the future. It features pieces of infused jelly that look like crystals and sparkle in the light, and they add intense flavor to the traditional rolls they are put onto.


Yes, you can get traditional sushi in Thailand. However, something you should really consider trying when you visit the country is a sushi donut. The good news is no raw fish is involved. It is literally a donut that looks like sushi.

It is a delicious dessert that is very popular in Thailand but has yet to make its international debut despite a Japanese businessman trying to make it happen. This businessman cross managed to open a number of franchises called Mister Donut in Thailand and spread the joy of sushi Donuts across the country.